Saturday, January 31, 2015

Twinings Vanilla Tea

Twinings Vanilla Tea
Black Tea
Rating: 5/5
Allergens: none
Order: Twinings or Twinings USA (Amazon)

This is probably my favorite bagged tea, ever. You can get this from UK Twinings or on Amazon if you're in the US. Both links are above. I like this tea because it steeps quickly and it's not too strong for a black tea. In fact, I would call this a dessert tea. It's a lovely treat if you're seeking something sweet.  It has a lovely smell to it, in the box and as well, steeped. If you're a green tea drinker looking for a tea with a little caffeine, this would be perfect for you. I suggest you steep this delicate tea for 3 minutes-if you let it sit any longer it will be stronger. If you like it quite strong, by all means. After steeping, it's a lovely red color. 

Gorgeous! Now I do insist on adding some milk and sugar. Or, if you prefer sweetener that works too. Note: I've found that 2 packets of sweetener will be quite sweet, so try adding one packet and if you think one more is needed, then add the second. For those of you that use sugar, two teaspoons is ideal. Here's what the tea's coloring will look like with the perfect amount of milk:

Time to sit down and enjoy my tea! But first, let me tell you why I decided on a 5/5. For bagged tea, it was above and beyond my expectations. Secondly, I love sweet things and the vanilla with the black tea is the perfect balance of strong yet sweet. Honestly, I could have a cup of this every day before bed, unlike the Bollywood Chai I reviewed recently. For £3.00, almost an entire month of tea is not bad at all. It steeps quickly, making it an effortless task to make. I just really like it!

If you have a look at my previous post, there's a free tea giveaway. So have a look!



  1. This sounds incredible. I have never had tea with milk or sugar.

    Usually if I want caffeine late at night I will just have a cup of coffee. Thinking about tea though, that sounds like a much better option. Also, thanks for the post below. I’m def. going to get a few free packets. Although I did not see this type of tea on the list :/. I have a gift card to Amazon though so I may just buy me some.

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for stopping by!

    They're worth buying, so delicious. They're not exactly cheap, but they're worth it. You'll want to add some milk and sugar though!


  3. I need to try this - I LOVE vanilla tea - my favourite at the moment is Tesco's vanilla chai - if you haven't tried it, you must!

    1. I love vanilla tea too! I'll have to check that out! The only Tesco in my town is an express and they only have a couple kinds!


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