Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Trip and Maltese Tea

Hiya friends,

I had a great trip in Gozo, Malta and I made sure to take photos. I want to first show you some photos of my trip and then I'll show the photos of some tea I found there. I of course had tea daily and there were lots of places that sold it. I ended up coming home with several boxes of Maltese tea-soon I'll be reviewing my favorite kind I found there, which is black tea with almond cream. So delicious! By the way, Malta was used for filming in the first season of Game of Thrones.

Below, this is the Salt Pans. This is where the Gozitans harvest salt-some of the best salt found in the world. See all the little square formations? Those are the Salt Pans.

This is me in the streets of Victoria, Gozo. Victoria is the capitol city.

Below is the Azure Window. This was made after two limestone sea caves collapsed. Many scuba divers enjoy exploring this area. If this seems familiar, perhaps you've seen the Azure Window in the HBO series Game of Thrones-it was used for many scenes with the Khaleesi and Khal Drogo. It's absolutely beautiful. 

Next, we have the other side of the Azure window, where the waters are a light green color, making them see through! Here's a photo of some boats at the dock. 

Below is a photo taken from inside the boat I was in to explore the Azure window. Here's a better view of the light green, clear waters.

We had to go through this cave in order to come out the other side to see the blue sea and the Azure Window. Malta was the most beautiful country I have seen. I would go back in a heartbeat. We actually got a local to take Ollie and I around the island of Gozo and it was such a good decision. We actually met him by chance. Ollie and I were in Victoria and got completely lost in the pouring rain; we walked about 3 miles out of town before realizing that we had to walk the 3 miles back in order to somehow find our way back to town. We got on a bus that took us to the center of Victoria, where we met Joey, the taxi driver, who took us back to our hotel and offered to take us around the next day. He knew all the best places to go and where we shouldn't buy souvenirs because they would charge us too much. If anyone has any questions about the trip feel free to email me. Anyways, let's move onto the tea!

This Belte tea was my favorite of the trip. I ended up buying a few bottles and drinking it while we were in the hotel. Below is a photo of me drinking this tasty tea (made with Steevia so lower calories) on the balcony of our room:

Now that's tea with a view! If you look closely, there's raindrops in the pool. It was a rainy day, but that didn't keep me from enjoying my tea outside.

 Above is a photo of tea in a little shop of souvenirs in Victoria. We were interested, but ultimately didn't end up buying because for whatever reason the shop worker was extremely rude to us. Must not like tourists very much!

Later on I will show you the haul of tea we brought home as well as me drinking my favorite, of course. I hope you liked my photos!


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