Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tetley Dunk & Crunch Oat (Crunch) Biscuits!

I was at Poundland today (it's like the dollar store in the US, but with pounds instead!) and Ollie came across Tetley biscuits. At first I only saw the ginger flavored ones and I really don't like ginger, so I didn't really pay attention. Then at the back we found some Oat Crunch flavored ones and so we purchased them. I'm not really in the market for getting myself hooked to biscuits because they're typically high in calories and aren't exactly healthy. I mean, there are some fibrous biscuits, but overall they're just carbs.  I do indulge once in a while, but when we sat down for our second cup of tea tonight we decided to try them. See below for the packaging and then I'll get to the good stuff!

I don't typically drink Tetley tea, but I do have to say their mascot is really cute. It's typically just the man on the outside, but if you look on the side of the box it's the Tetley guy and I'm assuming his friends. Don't quote me on this, I'm an American who didn't grow up with Tetley, although I've seen boxes of Tetley in my hometown.  I didn't think I would find this biscuit much different to the bog standard biscuits you find in this country, but I was wrong. The texture of the biscuit is hard, so if you want to eat it without dunking it, you're going to have a bad time. This biscuit was made for dunking...and that's just what I'll do!

Ollie and I are both drinking Twinings vanilla black tea and it made it the perfect beverage for dunking. This biscuit is no fool either, you can dunk it 4 times and it still won't crumble into your tea. In fact, there were no crumbs in my tea at the bottom. I was amazed! The taste of the biscuit was delightful, too. It was sweet and oaty and had a light honey finish. In the land of biscuits made for tea, I'd say it was perfect. 5/5

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