Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twinings Bollywood Chai Latté

Twinings Bollywood Chai Latté
Black Tea
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Allergens: Almonds

As soon as I poured the boiling water on top of my teabag, the spicy aroma of the tea filled the air. I had a feeling that this tea would be good. Plus, despite it being bagged tea, it was in silky teabags, which is fancy because it's typically big leaves inside the bag. This, however wasn't the case with this Bollywood Chai. The tea looks almost ground up. I took a photo of the teabag for you to examine for yourself:

I was one bummed gal when I realized this tea would be so fine despite it having a silky pyramid tea bag. Usually if you're paying for the fancy type of tea bag, you expect the tea inside to be full leaves of tea, but Twinings presented me with this. This is where this tea lost a star in its rating. After steeping the tea, it had a beautiful amber coloring. I took a photo of that for you, of course. :)

What exactly is in this tea? I noted above that this tea has almonds in it. If you suffer from an almond allergy, please stay away. I was very displeased that I had to read the fine print on this to find there was a nut ingredient, despite nuts being a large allergy people typically have. The title of the tea, Bollywood Chai Latté, has zero mention of almonds so I thought it was Twinings' duty to label the packaging with the appropriate allergy warning. It did not. I was shocked. As a nut allergy sufferer I wasn't happy, although I'm lucky I'm not allergic to almonds! Anyways the ingredients are: black tea, almonds, spice flavoring and honey flavoring. 

My biggest issue with this tea is that it's quite strong. Like, really strong. I suggest adding more milk than usual to truly make this a latté-maybe even heat some up in a sauce pan and add it to the mix. Also, I suggest if you're going to add sugar, add brown sugar because it's a little more sweet and goes perfectly with the honey and almond taste in this tea. This kind of tea isn't something you would want to drink daily. It's more of a special treat kind of tea, because if you drank it often you would get sick of it. I'd suggest it once in a while if it's cold out and you want to cozy up with a spicy, warm tea. 

The 3.5/5 star rating was given to this tea due to it being very strong, as well as the very, very small, ground up tea leaves in the "premium" tea bag. 


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