Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cheap but effective tea infusers

One of my friends contacted me today and gave me a great idea for a blog post. Why not share some tea infusers that are good in quality and low in price? I know that the easiest way to drink tea is with teabags, but the problem, in my experience, with that is that the tea in bags tend to be lower quality. When I first discovered loose leaf tea, I did not have a special mug with an infuser or a teapot. What I used was a little ball on a chain that hooks to the rim of your mug and the loose tea is spooned into the little ball. What I used was this little guy. It's cheap, but it gets the job done and the best part is how easy it is to clean out. You just open it up and empty it straight into the garbage bin. Or, if you have a garbage disposal, right into the garbage disposal. Let's have a look at other infusers I recommend.

IPOW infuser:

Another great one is this one (above), which is another highly reviewed tea infuser that goes right into your mug and teapot. It's very simple, you put in the infuser, scoop your favorite tea into it and pour hot water over it. Wait until the time desired has passed and then remove it. In my experience, this one is better for mugs than the little ball because the tea has more room to move about in the mug, which steeps the tea better. If you're interested in the one above, just click the image of the infuser where you'll find it on Amazon.

OXO infuser:

This doubles as a tea infuser and a tea scooper. I've never used a two in one before, but I have used a similar infuser to this, but the chamber was a heart instead of a ball. This one uses a twisting mechanism to open the chamber and clean out the inside. I'd imagine to clean it you'd have to run it under water to get all the loose tea out. You would use this infuser just like the other two, submerging this into the cup before you poured hot water into it.

Doggy infuser:

I thought it made sense to finish with the cutest infuser. It's a dog, a pug to be exact and he uses his little arms to hold onto the rim of your mug. How sweet! It has great reviews and it's also fun at the same time. Again, just click the image above if you're looking for the link on how to get one of your own. I've seen a lot of cute infusers like this, but the problem is that a lot of them aren't very good. This one is a rare exception.


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