Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Tea Party Ideas

First, for a great tea party you need tea-ware, of course. What it looks like is up to you. I personally would go with something like this (click the photo to go to the website):

Next, you'll need some snacks to eat when you're sipping your tea. Traditionally at a tea party you have savory and sweet treats. Let's begin with an Easter themed savory treat!

I found this blog called FOODjimoto where a few years back the blogger made this eggcelent (ha, get it?) recipe for deviled easter eggs. The above photo is hers. Please check out the recipe.

Let's move onto the sweet tea party treat. What goes better with tea, than cake? Nothing! I found these adorable chick cupcakes that would be the perfect treat to accompany a cup of tea on Easter Sunday.

Chirp, chirp! They're adorable. Visit the blog Bird on a Cake here to get the recipe.  I hope you have a happy and healthy Easter Sunday and for those of you who are Jewish and celebrate Passover, a happy and healthy Passover seder. 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I wanted to make something short and sweet for the holiday! I appreciate you stopping by :)


  2. I absolutely love the different ideas, but I think the Chick cupcakes are so adorable all spring long!

  3. Everything looks adorable. Tea set is looking attractive. Well I am also making a list of snacks for tea party of my cousin which she is throwing at Los Angeles event venues in next week. Going to book cupcakes from one of renowned bakers.


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