Thursday, April 2, 2015

Khongea Assam Gold- Canton Tea

I was contacted directly by Canton Tea to try and review their award winning Khongea Assam Gold. This was exciting because for me, Assam has some sentiment. This past summer when I was in Bristol, England with Ollie when he was finishing up his internship for a start up company in the space sector Assam was our go-to tea. He'd text me on his walk home from work and I'd time it perfectly so that when he walked in the door I'd have two mugs of Assam ready to drink and talk about his long day at work. Nostalgia is such a strong emotion, I have it for last summer despite it not even being a year old memory. I'd sit on the bed and he'd sit at the wooden table because the apartment he had for his internship was a studio with a shared bathroom. I only stayed with him a few weeks until we made the move to Wales, but he lived in that tiny, tiny apartment all summer while he worked.

Anyways, let's move on to this delicious tea. It's very smooth with lots of golden tips and a sweet, pleasant aroma. I steeped it for about 3.5 minutes, because leaving it in any longer would impact the strength of the tea. It produced a rich crimson colored brew which is very malty in taste. What is great is that this Assam is pleasantly strong without being overpowering, which is an issue with most Assam tea.  Here is a photo of the beautiful leaves:

Note: this image is from the Canton Tea Co website, I did not take the photo myself.

How beautiful are those leaves? If you like black tea, you should give this a try. I love Assam, especially with dessert. I love having a good sugary cake alongside a cup of Assam with a few drops of milk in it. When I take a bite of the cake and I get the sugary goodness in my mouth I wash it down with this Assam and it's the perfect combination. Yum.  I give this tea a 5/5 rating because there's not a thing I would change about it.

This tea is the second flush of Assam which is the best, and it's a great price at $7 for 50 grams or £5 for 50 grams. They ship worldwide and they have prices in American Dollars, Pounds and the Euro. Canton Tea Co has given my readers a 10% off discount off their entire order of tea, just use the discount code TRBL10 at checkout for the discount. (TRBL stands for Tea Reviews by Leah! How cool!)



  1. This tea looks amazing! And I agree with you 100% - tea with cake is the BEST afternoon snack. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Erin! I'm about to have blueberry tea, no cake today though. :)

  3. Great tips. Tea is so wonderful. It can really boost your mood when you are down or calm you when you are all revved up.

    1. I agree, Debrah! Tea is great for any mood. Thank you for stopping by!

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